Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Amazing Who You Meet

This is a feature I'll throw in every so often when I have a suitable candidate for inclusion and photographic evidence.

In January this year, I ran for the Scottish West Coast team in the 1500m at the Scottish Indoor Inter Regional Championships. The race went tremendously well with 4th place and a time of 4:07, a personal best by 6 seconds (I've since brought it down to 4:05). I welcomed the chance to do a fast race during what was proving to be a biting cold Scottish winter.

A few minutes after finishing, a recognisable face walked in. It didn't take me long to realise it was Celtic striker Shaun Maloney (injured at the time). What brought him to an athletics meeting at Glasgow's Kelvin Hall, I don't know. Any of you who know me at least a little will be aware I'm no lover of the Old Firm. In saying that, I was happy enough to ask him for a quick photo and he graciously obliged.

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