Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Blast From the Past- Saltcoats Round the Houses Road Race 2001 Video Footage

It's amazing what you can find. A short trawl on You Tube resulted in the uncovering of video footage of the Saltcoats Round the Houses Road Race in July 2001. If the occasion sounds familiar, it will be because I previously wrote about it back on 3rd June 2015 so I refer you back to that particular post for the more detailed background.

For the purposes of this post however, to recap, I was 17 years old, freshly out of school and dipping my toe into distance running. I remember running reasonably well for the level I had reached at the time though, as you will see, some way off the front. A number of familiar faces abound who are still on the Scottish running scene, including 2 future clubmates, Charlie Thomson and David Cooney. There is also another Cambuslang man who I don't recognise. From recently spending over a day and a half in his company and listening to his relentless patter, I know Charlie reads this so if he can identify the mystery man and pick me up on any errors (more on that in a future post), I'll report further at a later date.

For now, the footage, remarkable quality for the year it was filmed, can be seen here.

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